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You and your business can help reduce energy consumption, generate renewable energies, employ environmentally compatible mobility, and take part in environmentally friendly procurement. Let Omni Micro Systems and Omni Med Solutions show you how. OMS is committed to transform manual, inefficient, paper-based operations to clean, green, and environmentally-friendly solutions.
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BLOG: The True Value of Digitalization and its Effect on Our Planet

In Germany, even more so than other areas of the EU and globally, workflows have historically been paper-based.  Electronic and computer systems have been traditionally reserved predominantly for the industries of banking, finance and automotive, with sectors such as healthcare and education still relying predominantly on manual and paper processes.  

With recent advances in information, technology and communications systems, along with mandates for local, regional, country-level and international interoperability, as well as cleaner, greener environments and ecosystems, there is an ever-increasing need for workflows to have less reliance on paper. Whereas paper redundancies often waste resources and man-power, electronic processes are instantaneous and economical.

Omni Micro Systems and Omni Med Solutions (OMS) is a leader in simplifying workflows, and providing the solutions, services and workforce members that support that workflow simplification.  For over a decade, OMS has been working in the US and Europe with hospitals, educational institutions, public and private sector organizations, and businesses both large and small. We have partnered with them to transform complex, often time-consuming paper-based manual processes into electronic systems and technologies that are safe, secure, green and reliable. Two points are important during these steps: first, we streamline and improve the process before adding any systems or technology (NEVER COPY A BAD PAPER SYSTEM TO A COMPUTERIZED ONE!); then, we look for possibilities to reduce waste, eliminate redundancies and heighten staff efficiencies. This usually results in both happier staff, management and customers!

In addition, with the advance of social networks and mobile as well as computer applications driving economies, business operations and education, it has become imperative that many entities utilize information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to function in the digital, economically aware world. We help leverage these tools while emphasizing the need for human connection. These areas are where OMS gives the most value to its clients and consumers, and ultimately to the environment.

OMS stands as one of the global leaders in the both the healthcare and ICT industries with real-world experience, an international perspective and a large stakeholder network in digital transformation. OMS empowers all actors in business and industry to be more proactive and forward thinking in their move away from manual, paper-based systems to efficient, electronic and environmentally friendly ones. 

Ultimately, an investment in ICT for businesses to transform manual paper-based workflows reduces costs, saves time, and improves quality and satisfaction in everyday life, and helps our world become greener!