Omni Micro Systems/ Omni Med Solutions GmbH
Enabling Better Healthcare Through Technology

Enabling Better Healthcare Through Technology

Omni Micro Systems and Omni Med Solutions transform global healthcare, providing better outcomes, service and quality through technology.  

We have two divisions:  Omni Micro Systems, our technology development division, and Omni Med Solutions, our consulting division. Together, we provide efficient, customized, quality business products and services in eHealth including designing, developing and implementing electronic health records emphasizing the clinical workflow.  

Our mission is to contribute positively to the world and empower others through innovative technology. We aim to set up a global interoperable network of health information and technology to enable health providers, caretakers and healthcare consumers alike to improve healthcare. 

We are a family of quality-oriented service companies in eHealth/health IT, with decades of experience and global offices in the USA and Europe.  We are also helping to create a digitally skilled international eHealth workforce.

We provide: 

  • Support for new and ongoing EHR implementations and optimizations
  • Clinical transformation for IT processes in healthcare
  • Easy-to-use technology solutions
  • Full-service clinical informatics consultation and advisory services
  • Technology research
  • Training and education services in healthcare
  • Development and design in the conversion of manual and paper processes to electronic solutions in healthcare
  • Creation, maintenance and support of interoperable healthcare information and technology infrastructure
  • Technologies usable by healthcare providers and consumers alike
  • Safety and quality to patients and their families

Omni Micro Systems - Technology Development
Research and development of comprehensive
technology solutions in eHealth/ Health IT

Omni Med Solutions - Strategic Consulting
Strategic consulting, advising and business development
from a clinical perspective in eHealth/ Health IT

Our goal is to make technologies that are usable for health providers and healthcare consumers. Our work is predicated on safety and quality, and is designed to be engaging and enabling for patients and their families around the world. We also strive to build a more able, capable and skilled (not merely educated) eHealth workforce globally.

From a clinical practitioner's perspective, we aim to advise and consult on a global level to increase use, adoption, quality and safety of health information and technologies.  We build bridges between information technology and clinical practice, while helping to coordinate the continuum of care. 

We have a special interest in extending technology to disadvantaged, ageing and chronically ill patient populations and consumers.

Let us help you

Let us help you select, install, implement, effectively use and find benefits from electronic health records, clinical information systems and mobile and eHealth technologies.


Let us help you receive eHealth education, assess your individual or staff's competency, and look at career options and advancement possibilities to join the digital healthcare workforce.


Let us help you in designing and developing policy, procedures, training, standards and tools to inform, strengthen or exploit the fields of eHealth/ Health IT for associations, governments and other entities in the public or private sector.


Note: We are coordinating the EU*US eHealth Workforce Development Project under the Horizon 2020 program funded by the European Commission.

Email us or call us and let us show how we can help you! We are happy to arrange a customized, complimentary evaluation or consultation session.
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