Omni Micro Systems - Omni Meta Solutions
Global Technology Enabled Solutions

Omni Micro Systems Inc.

We provide research and development of comprehensive technology solutions in business, eHealth and Health IT.

  • Application and technology innovation design and development – platforms, API solutions, hardware and device solutions
  • Research for development enhancements
  • Standards compliance
  • Product evaluation and partnership development
  • Targeted distribution and reselling
  • Developing Health IT and eHealth solutions from a clinical perspective to provide useful tools for healthcare

How can Omni Micro Systems help you?

  • Do you have a system that you would like to evaluate for penetration into the US or EU markets and need help tapping into these markets? 
  • Are you a clinical or non-health information systems vendor who needs an avenue of distribution, or would like to partner with a company that specializes in clinical process design, clinical workflows, and clinician training, before, during and after implementations? 
  • Do you have a great IT product but want to evaluate how it would fit into the healthcare arena?
  • Do you want to network or align with a company on the leading edge of technology development in the healthcare space - especially in the areas of elder care, chronic illness reduction, patient engagement, integrated care/care coordination and interoperability? 
  • Do you have a health-related device or system idea and want to make sure it carries clinical clout, eventually being used by clinicians and/or patients in healthcare? 

Let us help you make health technology easy, adaptive and intuitive.

Our technologies can improve care coordination, provide greater clinician adoption and use, and help patients become a more participative partner in their care, increasing compliance and decreasing readmissions. 

Contact us for details!