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Projects and Project Management

Omni Micro-Omni Med Solutions specialize in project management. We provide full project management services for a variety of information systems, technology, workforce development, survey development, competency integration, curriculum development, implementation, policy development and other projects.  We perform full service project management tasks, including statement of work proposals, scope, budget and timeline management, contract staff management, and other tasks along the planning, development/design, build/implementation, testing, training and activation life cycle.  We also provide production support, maintenance and optimization services. We use MS Project and the full suite of MS Office 365 tools.

We work globally on various projects including European commission projects.

Currently we are coordinating the EU*US eHealth Workforce Development Project under the Horizon 2020 program funded by the European Commission. This is about 

mapping skills and competencies; providing access to knowledge, tools and platforms; and strengthening, disseminating and exploiting success outcomes for a skilled transatlantic eHealth workforce.

Another project is our very own Nurse Maggie, a voice-activated, low-impact, avatar-based medication and appointment reminder system, integrated with and supporting OmniHealth.

We are also the co-developers and maintainers of HITComp, an innovative health information technology competencies resource and tool.  You can find HITComp located here:
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